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Credit: Quantico Orienteering Club

Why do some of the top orienteers in the world like orienteering?

Credit: International Orienteering Federation (IOF)

Orienteering Training

Credit: Orienteering USA

Samantha Saeger

For many years Samantha Saeger has been one of America’s top orienteers. She has many USA championship titles to her credit both as a junior and national team member. Now living in Sweden, Samantha is helping with the production of instructional videos for top-level orienteers. Most of the series of videos are in Swedish but we are lucky to have Samantha’s verbal comments in English.

Samantha Saeger – Video #1: Checking off features along the route to the control. If they are there when expected, you are good to keep going. If things in the terrain don’t agree with the map that is the time to stop and make corrections!

Credit: O-Ringen TV

Samantha Saeger – Video #2: What goes through a top orienteer’s mind while racing? Samantha is constantly reading the map and relating it to what she is seeing in the terrain. But if things go a bit off course, she can look at the terrain and find her place on the map. The map is never tucked away. Samantha does not pick a point, like a trail junction or other feature, and just blindly runs to it. Read the map on the run. Check off features as you go.

Think Fast – Run Hard – Go Orienteering (Series)

The following series features members of the Great Britain National Orienteering Team describing and demonstrating various orienteering skills designed to help us think faster and run harder. Whether it is in Great Britain or Hungary or the USA, the maps will look the same and the skills described are just as important everywhere.

Start Orienteering

Credit: British Orienteering

Setting The Map

Credit: British Orienteering


Credit: British Orienteering

Large Contour Features

Credit: British Orienteering

Attack Points

Credit: British Orienteering

Aiming Off

Credit: British Orienteering

Using The Compass

Credit: British Orienteering

Intricate Contours

Credit: British Orienteering

Orienteering Just About Anywhere – Even In A Big Store (IKEA)

Credit: O-Ringen/IKEA

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