Canoe Orienteering Comes To Florida

October 21, 2022, by Gord Hunter Adventure racers do it all the time, but this will be the first all-canoe/kayak/SUP (stand-up paddleboard) orienteering event for Suncoast Orienteering. It has taken some time to find the perfect venue. Edward Medard Park, just south of Plant City, is a gem of a park. Part land, part lakes,Continue reading “Canoe Orienteering Comes To Florida”

How To Pick Route Choices

October 20, 2022, by Gord Hunter There are scads of videos on the web that describe how the best of the best orienteers run their courses. However, in this one, a 12-year-old relatively new orienteer describes how she ran her course, while her dad offers advice to help reinforce her decision-making. You don’t have toContinue reading “How To Pick Route Choices”

Using Route Gadget or LiveLox

October 3, 2022, by Gord Hunter That was a close one … I assume if you are reading here you are a fan of Orienteering. I hope you also are or will become a fan of Route Gadget or Livelox or both. These programs allow the viewer to see the tracks of orienteers on theContinue reading “Using Route Gadget or LiveLox”

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