Canoe Orienteering Comes To Florida

October 21, 2022, by Gord Hunter

Edward Medard Park

Adventure racers do it all the time, but this will be the first all-canoe/kayak/SUP (stand-up paddleboard) orienteering event for Suncoast Orienteering.

It has taken some time to find the perfect venue. Edward Medard Park, just south of Plant City, is a gem of a park. Part land, part lakes, Medard Park is what is left when the phosphate miners move out and nature reasserts control (with the help of some great county planning).

On Saturday, January 29, 2023, we will be holding our first orienteering event at Medard. It will feature the regular JROTC competition and a three-course (yellow, orange & green) public “foot orienteering”, as well. But wait, there’s more …

At the same time in the same park, we will have a non-motorized watercraft score-orienteering event. Participants will use an orienteering map to navigate to checkpoints, called controls, and gain proof of being there by taking a photo or copying down the special code symbol. Leaving the watercraft is not allowed by the park authorities.

After finishing the “water-O” event, participants will be welcome to try one of the “foot-O” courses for a reduced price of $5. Do the double events and make it your own adventure race. Challenge your friends! Enjoy the day!

See 2022-23 Open Entries for Suncoast Orienteering Events to provide your entry details.

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Suncoast Orienteering, Inc. (SOAR) is incorporated in Florida as an active Domestic Non-Profit organization. SOAR provides orienteering events in state and county parks in Sarasota & Manatee counties, and other locations in Florida.

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