Another Year of Best Ever Orienteering is Winding Down

With one event to go, the Florida and Suncoast Orienteering seasons are getting ready for the Christmas Break.

When we consider that FLO had two events cancelled due to the preparation for and then the effects of Hurricane Ian perhaps it wasn’t the best year for everybody.

However, we have had large turnouts, both by the JROTC and the general public, at the 15 events the two clubs have hosted in 2022.  Three newly mapped areas were put into the competition circuit and considerable revisions were done for the other competition maps. Read on.

The 2022-23 JROTC Rankings for both individuals and teams have been brought up to date and with one event to go we have some very close competitions for the top spots shaping up. The JROTC cadets compete in six categories -male and female at the novice, intermediate and advanced level. Their teams are also ranked compared to how they do against the other teams in the competitions they attend.

Here is a brief explanation:

The winner of an individual competition gets 40 points and the rest who successfully complete the course get a reducing number of points down to a minimum of six. State and regional championships award a larger scale of points. A cadet’s best five ‘point totals’ throughout the year count for the final total. Each school year starts a new competition.

In the team rankings a team earns one point for being at the competition then one more point for each team in beats in that category. The first, second and third place teams earn 5-3-1 bonus points. Teams score their best five results over the last 12 months.  So we have the unusual situation of Lakewood Ranch not having a single cadet in the individual rankings for 2022-23 but they lead every one of the team rankings. How can they do that? Their best five results, all their results, came in the January to April period of 2022, enough to give them a solid lead.  But watch out in 2023. Come the end of January a couple of those results will fall off the chart and if they are not replaced by 2023 events….. well, you can figure out what will happen.

Would you like to look at the JROTC rankings? They are on-line at a google sheet with separate pages for the six individual and four team categories. See them here:

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