JROTC Orienteers: How Do They Rank?

As you probably know JROTC Orienteering is a very big part of the Florida orienteering community. What is JROTC? It is a high school educational program. The JROTC stands for Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps and while the program has a military flavor it is not primarily designed to produce military recruits. They do seemContinue reading “JROTC Orienteers: How Do They Rank?”

Another Year of Best Ever Orienteering is Winding Down

With one event to go, the Florida and Suncoast Orienteering seasons are getting ready for the Christmas Break. When we consider that FLO had two events cancelled due to the preparation for and then the effects of Hurricane Ian perhaps it wasn’t the best year for everybody. However, we have had large turnouts, both byContinue reading “Another Year of Best Ever Orienteering is Winding Down”

JROTC Rankings Updated Regularly

Rankings? What are Those? In many sports creating ways to compare the athletes based on their competition results is a popular feature. When we read about Sports we are often reading stories about how certain teams or athletes have moved up or down in a sport’s Rankings. Orienteering is no different. Our national level eventsContinue reading “JROTC Rankings Updated Regularly”

“Do Your Own Thing”

For many years the sport of orienteering has been about “self-chosen routes through unknown terrain”. Self as alone, done on your own.  Of course, if you are competing as a team such as in an adventure race or Rogaine the team can discuss their route choices. However, it is a strict rule in individual competitionsContinue reading ““Do Your Own Thing””

One Down, Eight to Go

The first event of the Suncoast Orienteering 2022-23 season is done. The participants, some 160 of them, have come, done their orienteering, the JROTC have picked up their medals and Eagle Lake Park in Largo is as clean as ever, if not cleaner. The results have been posted and this old coach could not helpContinue reading “One Down, Eight to Go”

Come to Eagle Lake Park on Saturday

The 2022-23 Suncoast Orienteering First Event is coming up Saturday November 5th at Eagle Lake Park in Largo.  That’s not Key Largo or Port Largo but just Largo, the city that is part of the St Petersburg/ Clearwater complex in Pinellas County. Sign up and be there. You will not regret it. It is aContinue reading “Come to Eagle Lake Park on Saturday”

Guest Course Setters

October 17 2022, by Gord Hunter Usually behind the scenes and way before an orienteering event occurs a key event official gets to work.  The person responsible for designing the competition courses starts looking over the map and assessing where control points might be placed. Somewhat like a painter planning the layout of a canvasContinue reading “Guest Course Setters”

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